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Need to complete CPR annually? Tired of sitting in classrooms for hours annually? Check out our CPR Refresher Program Now. More Info

may, 2015

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Sudden Cardiac Arrest affects up to 33,000 Australians every year. It does not discriminate for age, gender or fitness. There are no second chances. More Info


Partnerships with RTOs (no: 3981 & 40590) allows Staying Alive to provide nationally accredited first aid courses including. We can come to you and provide onsite training or we also have frequent public courses.


Staying Alive provides a range of short courses that are not nationally accredited. This is includes the AFL’s Emergency Response Co-ordinator Course and Seniors First Aid. We can also create customised courses specifically for your situation.


Staying Alive mainly uses a blended model of training. Participants complete the theoretical component of their courses on-line. No sitting around staring at PowerPoint for days at a time.

Course Development

Staying Alive develops courses for education providers and suppliers. Our courses can be customised to your particular requirements and branding. Accredited courses are offered in partnership with Finpa Australia.